exercise on borders


Physically you can only be in one specific place at a time. You can never occupy one place together with another person at the same time. We are subjected to borders, which we are constantly thrown back on. I cannot be where you are. Your border is mine. The border line separates us and allocates us to territories.

[…] a beautiful meditation on the bilateral loneliness. The territory, which they both were claiming for here, was their body.
(Thomas Schaupp, ada-studio.de/pages/texte/text-nd47-2014.html)

Concept, choreography and performance: Florian Bücking and Raisa Kröger
Video: René Lange
Music: Ligeti

29.11.2014 – ada Studio, Berlin

Performance History
30.11.2014 – ada Studio, Berlin
27.08.2015 – Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
12.09.2015 – 720h Festival, Heidelberg

Duration: 18 min.

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