bücking&kröger is the union of the two dancer/choreographers Florian Bücking and Raisa Kröger and the dramaturge Johanna Withelm. In 2014, after ten years of bustling activity both in- and outside the Berlin dance scene, they founded bücking&kröger in order to transfer their extensive combined experience into collectively choreographed pieces. As a creatively working union they engage with dance in the broadest sense, as well as with architecture/ fine arts and performance. So far they have developed different formats – short pieces, feature-length productions and a concert evening (in collaboration with Cora Frost). The works of bücking&kröger are characterised by a clear focus on the body and the physical states that accompany movement. They often develop their work in collaboration with artists from other fields such as visual arts and music.

bücking&kröger @ vimeo

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